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Some Common Operational Knowledge of Concrete Pump Pipe

Under the influence of the outside world, in the actual operation of the pump, if the coupling of the concrete pump pipe is not well connected, the content of the pump will be lost; the amount of loss is determined by the depth of the pump. Loss of liquid causes wear and tear at the joint of the coupling, especially when there is corrosive brine or sand in the extracted liquid. Slightly negligent will cause serious consequences of concrete pump pipe blockage, what is the reason for this?

1. Operator's distracted attention: Operators should concentrate on the construction, always pay attention to the pressure gauge figures, once the pressure is too large and abnormal, should immediately reverse pump 2-3 journeys, and then correct the pump, will avoid the occurrence of pipe blockage. If the back pump (positive pump several operating cycles) has been carried out and the blockage has not been eliminated, the pipe should be removed and cleaned in time, otherwise the blockage will be more serious.

2. Speed too fast: Pipeline resistance is too large, and speed should be slowed down. When the machine is working properly, it should be pumped at a low speed when there are signs of blockage or when the collapse of concrete in a vehicle is small.

3. Remaining material beam is too little: the general surplus material can not be lower than the mixing shaft, less material will inhale air, resulting in pipeline blockage. But the material can not be too much, lower than the protective fence, easy to clean in time. When the collapse of a vehicle concrete is small, the remaining material can be lower than the mixing shaft, controlled above the "S" pipe or suction port, in order to reduce the mixing resistance, swing resistance and suction resistance.

4. Mixing with water in hopper: When the collapse degree of concrete is too small to pump, the concrete should be released from the bottom of hopper in time. If it is eager to save time, forced pumping will easily cause blockage.  Do not mix with water in hopper.

5. The stopping time of the machine is too long. The stopping time should not exceed 5-10 minutes (depending on the local weather). Start the machine once to prevent blockage.

6. The cleaning of concrete pump pipe is not clean: after the completion of the machine work, the pipeline will be blocked if it is not cleaned in time, so it is necessary to clean the concrete pump pipe in time after the completion of the machine work.


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