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What are the classification of fine aggregate concrete pumps?


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In recent years, with the deepening of various domestic infrastructure construction, construction scale and scope continue to expand, revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China and the western development, making the construction machinery and related concrete conveying machinery have been developed rapidly. The product of mortar fine stone concrete pump is specially developed for the characteristics of ground heating construction. It is suitable for large area and high efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in ground heating engineering.

Classification of concrete pumps:

  (1) the working principle.

  1. Extruded fine aggregate concrete pump. It is mainly composed of hopper, drum pump, driving device, vacuum system and conveying pipe. Main features: simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance and stable work. However, due to the small volume of conveying and pumping concrete, the short distance of transportation is seldom used.

  2. Hydraulic piston concrete pump. It is mainly composed of hopper, concrete cylinder, distributing valve, hydraulic control system and conveying pipe. Through the hydraulic control system, the distribution valve is opened and closed alternately. The hydraulic cylinder is connected with the concrete cylinder. Through the reciprocating movement of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder and the coordinated action of the distribution valve, the two concrete cylinders alternately complete the work process of sucking and discharging the concrete. At present, liquid is widely used at home and abroad.

  (2) type. Fixed Concrete Pump (HBG) - - Concrete Pump Towed Concrete Pump (HBT) - - Concrete Pump Truck-mounted Concrete Pump (HBC) mounted on a towable chassis - - - Concrete Pump mounted on a chassis of a motor vehicle.

  (3) theoretical throughput. Ultra-small (10-20 m3/h), small (30-40 m3/h), medium (50-95 m3/h), large (100-150 m3/h) and super-large (160-200 m3/h).

  (4) drive mode. Motor drive and diesel engine drive.

  (5) distribution valve type. S-tube valve type, gate valve type, skirt valve type (Schweiyn adopts unique skirt valve type), C-valve type, butterfly valve type.

  (6) pumping concrete pressure at work. Low pressure (210-510 MPa), medium pressure (610-915 MPa), high pressure (1010-1610 MPa) and ultra high pressure (2210-2815 MPa).


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