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What are the main leakage points of mechanical seals for pumps?

  There are various types of mechanical seals for pumps, but there are five main points of leakage.

(L) seal between axle sleeve and shaft.

  (2) seal between the moving ring and the axle sleeve.

  (3) sealing between moving and stationary rings;

  (4) seal between static ring and static ring seat;

  (5) seal between end cover and pump body.

  Generally speaking, the leakage between the axle sleeve and the seal cover and the pump body is easy to find and solve, but it needs careful observation, especially when the working medium is liquefied gas or high pressure, toxic and harmful gas, relatively difficult. The rest of the leakage is difficult to distinguish and judge intuitively. It is necessary to observe, analyze and judge the leakage symptoms on the basis of long-term management and maintenance practice, so as to reach a correct conclusion.


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