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concrete placing boom manually

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  Product introduction: Concrete placing boom manually is an auxiliary equipment of concrete pump. It is connected by standard conveying pipe, just like a robot can quickly and accurately deliver to any pouring part of the working surface and carry out continuous pouring. The problem of fabric conveying concrete is solved, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the progress and quality of the construction.

  product features: Different from hydraulic concrete placing boom and electric concrete placing boom, it mainly relies on manual manual operation, pulling the rope to adjust the cloth radius or cloth orientation, and has the characteristics of small volume, low cost, flexible and convenient.

  concrete placing boom manually structure:

  Radius: 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters,  etc.

  Concrete placing boom height: 1-7 meters; rotation mode: upper rotation, lower rotation, double bearing rotation; is a new construction machine used with concrete pump, just like a robot can reach the concrete on the construction surface quickly and accurately The ground is delivered to any pouring part of the working surface and continuously cast, which fully exploits the advantages of the two technologies and greatly reduces the Labor intensity and cost, improve the construction progress and quality; also according to engineering requirements, equipment of different height, radius, swing mode, walking mode of concrete placing boom machinery.



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