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  Concrete delivery pump pipe is a new kind of construction engineering accessory product which appears simultaneously with the emergence of concrete delivery pump,Its birth greatly improved the efficiency of construction,In order to transfer the concrete to the place where it needs to be poured quickly, the operation method which used to require manual work or crane bucket by bucket has been changed, and the construction efficiency has been improved by nearly a hundred times.

  Pump pipes are generally classified as 125 and 150, which are classified as either high or low pressure.125 type pump pipe of low pressure type joint flange for ⌀148 mm , high pressure pipe joint flange for ⌀ 157mm ;The 150 low pressure pump pipe has an outer diameter of ⌀159 and the high pressure is a pipe with an outer diameter of ⌀168. The pipe head of the pump pipe is a specially processed pipe joint, which is connected with the pipe body by welding. The connection of each pipe is a pipe clip made by the process  of  casting.

  The pump pipe is divided into two types, namely, truck pump pipe and ground pump pipe. The pump pipe includes arm rack pipe, hinge elbow, reducing pipe and elbow pipe. It is cast steel and the straight pipe material is 45mn2.

  The ground pump pipe is ordinary 20# carbon steel, which is made of fluid pipe or straight joint pipe.


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