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Wear-resisting pump pipe

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  The wear-resisting pump pipe is also called the arm rack pipe of pump truck, the wear-resisting pipe of pump truck and the pump pipe of automobile are installed on the arm rack of pump truck, through which concrete is transported to a certain height and distance

  Features: wear - resistant pump pipe is better wear - resistant, service life is 3-5 times that of normal pump pipe.The appearance of wear-resistant pump pipe reduces the number of pump car pipeline replacement, reduces the cost for the owner, and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers.

  The wear-resistant pump pipe has a variety of materials, the most common is 45mn and 55mn, and the concrete conveyance of the wear-resistant pump pipe of 45mn is above 20000 m3.The quality of 55mn material is better and the price is higher.The thickness of the wear-resistant pump tube includes 4.5mm and 4.8mm, and the thickness of 4.5mm is mainly used in the pump vehicles under 40 meters. If your pump truck is over 40 meters, please choose the one with the thickness of 4.8mm.The wear-resistant pump pipe is welded by alloy steel pipe and is hardened at high temperature to form an wear-resistant layer of 2.0mm on the inner wall of the wear-resistant pump pipe. The hardness of the wear-resistant layer is above HRC60, the welding standard 125A flanges at both ends, and the wear-resistant sleeve with hardness above 60 is inlaid to guarantee the concrete throughput.

  Warm prompt: when concrete throughput reach more than 10000 square, 180 ° rotating pump pipe, please, make the abrasion and pump pipe evenly.


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