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Concrete delivery pump hose

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  The concrete transport towage pump hose is generally divided into two layers of steel wire and four layers of steel wire reinforcement. The concrete transport towage pump hose is mainly used for concrete pump, arm frame pump, cloth machine, pile machine, fine stone pump, mortar pump and so on.The length of 1-12m can be customized according to different purposes and customer needs.

  Product features of concrete haulage pump hose:

  1. The concrete delivery and towage pump hose is quenched to make it more wear-resistant.

  2. The inner adhesive refers to the technical parameters of aircraft tire rubber, and adopts raw materials such as natural rubber, new type accelerator and green and environment-friendly anti-aging agent.The wear coefficient was increased from 0.111cm cubed to 0.069cm cubed, and the load capacity of the hose was increased to nearly 30,000 cubic meters.

  3. The medium glue USES the world's new environment-friendly adhesive, which reduces pollution, increases the adhesion strength of the frame and rubber, and makes the rubber tube more durable.

  4. Tensile force test was carried out for each batch of rubber tubes, and professional adjustment was made. The original steel wires were increased from 200 to 400, and the diameter was changed from 1.8mm to 1.2mm.The test shows that the anti-pressure and explosion-proof properties of the hose are greatly enhanced.

  5. The addition of new anti-aging agent to the outer rubber can make the rubber tube more anti-cracking, anti-stretching, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet, and improve the protective performance of the outer rubber on the skeleton.


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