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Friction roller

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Friction roller has a strong ability to prevent conveyor belt damage and deviation, the use of friction resistance and friction wheel curvature deviation mechanism to prevent and correct the conveyor belt deviation, to achieve a centering role.

  Introduction to friction roller

  The friction roller has a strong ability to prevent the belt damage and deviation, and it can prevent and correct the deviation of the transport belt by using the deviation mechanism of the friction resistance and the arc of the friction wheel.

  Function of friction supporting roller:

  The role of the roller is to support the conveyor belt and material weight.Rollers must be flexible and reliable in operation.Reducing the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller plays a key role in the life of the conveyor belt which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of the conveyor.Although the roller is a small part in the belt conveyor, the structure is not complicated, but it is not easy to make high quality roller.If the conveyor belt goes off-track, the friction on which side of the center of gravity is shifted will increase. Under the action of friction, the end of the high friction will swing to the running direction of the conveyor belt, and this automatic swing function will adjust the belt back to the middle running path.

  Application range of friction roller:

  The friction roller is widely used in supporting belt conveyor such as mine, electric power station, mixing station, cement factory, metallurgy, chemical industry, grain, construction, port and dock.



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