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    Hebei The Earth Pipe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Yanshan, China's pipeline equipment industry base. The company is close to the North China International Shipping Center in North China, the North China International Logistics Center, the international port city and the ecological city Tianjin. The surrounding transportation is developed, the supporting facilities are complete, and the geographical position is superior. The company is next to the North China International Shipping Center in North China. China Northern International Logistics Center, international port city and ecological city Tianjin, with developed transportation and complete supporting facilities, convenient import and export. . The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating processing, production and sales.
    Hebei The Earth Pipe Industry Co., Ltd is a pipeline anti-corrosion plant, pipe insulation plant, pump pipe factory. Hebei Qiankun Pump Tube Factory is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of domestically produced imported concrete towed pumps and pumping pipe fittings. Main products: concrete placing boom manyally, concrete placing boom, concrete pump tube, new type cloth machine, high pressure pump tube, pump parts , 砼 pump tube card, wear-resistant pump tube, concrete double-bearing manually concrete placing boom, concrete placing boom: BLG-12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters series products. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, wide cloth range and reasonable structure. The upper main beam adopts the assembled structure, which is convenient for transportation and site transfer. The intermediate rotation adopts standard rolling slewing support, the bending radius is reasonable, the pumping resistance is small, and the support section height can be According to the user's need to increase or decrease, the bottom corner is equipped with four legs. The concrete distribution machine, the distribution bar and the concrete pump are effectively connected and matched, so that the two mechanical properties are maximized to truly improve the concrete pouring quality and reach the mechanization level. Concrete pump pipe fittings (HBT30-100): pump pipe, wear-resistant pump pipe, elbow pipe, reducer pipe, high, medium and low pressure pipe clamp, pipe clamp, cloth hose, sealing ring, cleaning ball (column), cleaning piston, S pipe , eye plate, cutting ring, cast steel high manganese elbow, etc.

    The company has foreign users in Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions.
    The company strives for survival by quality, development by reputation, honesty as the foundation, innovation as the first, and quality to win.

  • High quality product

    High quality product

    Focus on safety and protective products business for 10 years, in-depth study of

  • Strict product quali

    Strict product quali

    More than 100 employees of the company, including more than 30 high-tech personn

  • Reasonable price

    Reasonable price

    Therefore, relatively comprehensive cost advantages are obvious, and have perfec

  • Variety and specific

    Variety and specific

    There are many kinds of products, all kinds of specifications are complete, and


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Special hose for vehicle pump hose pile driver
Concrete pump pipe concrete pump hose
Wear resistant tapered tube elbow

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Company Address:North of 50 meters west of traffic lights, Wuli Yao Industrial Zone, Yanshan County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

Hebei The Earth Pipe Industry Co., Ltd

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