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  • Quality service attitude

    Quality service attitude

    Companies in foreign countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions.

  • High quality products

    High quality products

    The concrete distributor, the distributor rod and the concrete pump are connected and matched effectively, so that the two kinds of mechanical properties are brought into full play and the pouring qua

  • Intimate after-sale follow up

    Intimate after-sale follow up

    The company strives for quality, survival, reputation, development, honesty, innovation and quality.


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Quality and quality

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    Hebei The Earth Pipe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Yanshan, China's pipeline equipment industry base. The company is close to the North China International Shipping Center in North China, the North China International Logistics Center, the international port city and the ecological city Tianjin. The surrounding transportation is developed, the supporting facilities are complete, and the geographical position is superior. The company is next to the North China International Shipping Center in North China. China Northern International Logistics Center, international port city and ecological city Tianjin, with developed transportation and complete supporting facilities, convenient import and export. . The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating processing, production and sales.

Quality Comes From Professional


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Special hose for vehicle pump hose pile driver
Concrete pump pipe concrete pump hose
Wear resistant tapered tube elbow

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Company Address:North of 50 meters west of traffic lights, Wuli Yao Industrial Zone, Yanshan County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province

Hebei The Earth Pipe Industry Co., Ltd

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